Help plan local circulator bus service in DuPage Area communities!

Circulators are community-based, locally-oriented bus transit services that bridge the gap between the larger bus or train routes and residential, commercial, or workplace destinations. They can also be used to travel around the community or even between communities.

Provide Input

Four communities have been selected for detailed circulator service planning. These communities are Addison, Downers Grove, Lombard, and Wheaton. Surveys were conducted during March. Focus Groups were held in April and Community Choice Forums are planned for July. The Community Forums will be open to everyone. The meetings are shown on this website in the Public Meeting Schedule and will be announced in local community media. Please plan to attend the Forum in your community.

Review Reports

The Market Analysis is the first of four reports to be prepared for the project. It examines specific markets that may be potential users of circulator services in the DuPage area. The report also identifies local employment and activity centers - destinations within each community that circulators could potentially serve.

The Service Type Report is the second report prepared for the project. This report identifies potential service areas and service types for each community based on the market analysis.

Service Specifications Reports describe service alternatives for the four communities participating in Phase III. These communities are Addison, Downers Grove, Lombard, and Wheaton. These reports may be reviewed and input regarding the service alterantives is encouraged through July 27, 2007.

Future Opportunities to Participate

As interim reports are prepared, they will be posted on this website and will be available for review and comment. The first interim report was completed in May 2006 and describes the markets for local circulator services. The Servcie Type report was completed in September 2006. Service Specifications Reports have been prepared for Addison, Downers Grove, Lombard, and Wheaton. Community Choice Forums are scheduled in these communities on July 18 and 19.